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Pourquoi assister à une conférence TED ?

Speaker sur scène de TED

Pourquoi assister à une conférence TED ? Et pourquoi pas ? Depuis de nombreuses années, j’assiste à différentes conférences dans les domaines du design, de la technologie ou de l’innovation. Je suis souvent interrogé sur ce que je retiens de ces conférences alors qu’à mon tour je reste étonné de rencontrer des professionnels qui ne quittent jamais leurs bureaux.

4 Keys to Build a More Resilient Business

Entreprises et crises

Every time I read the news, I am still amazed by how fragile our World has become. Most of the branches of our economy are in total crisis when sales fall from only a few percents or when a climate disaster appear at the opposite side of the planet.

A short brief of TEDGlobal Geneva

TEDGlobal Geneva, robot demonstration on mainstage

I have been lucky to get invited to attend TEDGlobal Geneva in december 2015 and the TEDxWorkshops at CERN and UNHCR. This kind of adventure is impossible to say NO so I got a flight to Geneva. This year conference was « Critical Junctures« , 15 speakers from future UNO secretary António Guterres to former greek minister Yanis Varoufakis to comedian James Veitch… A very interesting curation hosted by TED’s Bruno Giussani in a former electrical power plant downtown Geneva.

The Lean Startup summary

Un résumé du livre The Lean Startup, une méthodologie très utile pour les entrepreneurs et les startups

The lean startup is a 284 pages book written by entrepreneur Eric Ries. Its goal is to launch a movement of entrepreneurs inspired by the lean manufacturing techniques.

From Ries point of view, one of the biggest modern waste is the waste of time. We are asking people to work on products/projects that doesn’t really matter to the end consumer. We are efficients at doing things that are often useless. After years of experiences in different startups and as a consultant, Ries has adapted the lean manufacturing techniques originally invented by Toyota to the management of a sustainable company.

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